Heal the World with Our Spaces

THURSDAY, MAY 28th, 8:20am MST
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Have you been wondering how we can actually shift the energy on planet earth from the comfort of my own home?

The answer my friend is absolutely.

Is it difficult, challenging, and time consuming ~ absolutely not.

We are rewiring the energy on earth starting with ourselves as well as emitting that new energetic vibration out from our spaces and into the universe.

This is so incredibly thrilling to see with so many people from around the world, willing to jump in and be a part of the change.

Would you like to continue to be a part of the worldwide movement that adjusts the vibration of each space, each country, each community, each region, each individual, energetically?

Let’s continue to follow in Mother Earth’s footsteps and see how quickly she has shifted and moved.

I am inviting you to take action and be a part of a worldwide event called: “Heal the World with Our Spaces - Part 3” on May 28th.

Let’s all be a part of the solution from the comfort of your space!


About Your Presenter

Lisa Benitz, the “Space Whisperer™” inspires people to create change in their life. Lisa is a gifted, Interior and Exterior Space Specialist, Feng Shui Master, Empowerment Coach, Author, Speaker, Facilitator, and radio show personality.  

Utilizing a valuable mixture of experience, awareness, and proven practical techniques, Lisa embodies kindness and caring as she leads her clients and audiences into an enriched life in their spaces.

Lisa has consulted on multiple projects from new builds to multi-million dollar renovations. Working with Lisa you will discover that her unique approach brings balance to your space and phenomenal results to your targets.

The founder of "CREATING CONSCIOUS SPACES™", a specialized class taught around the world and translated into 7 languages, Lisa the "Space Whisperer™", empowers people through the energy of their spaces to create a different possibility in their lives. With Lisa you will learn to embrace a full, energetic, fun, healthy, and prosperous life!

When she’s not facilitating classes and consulting around the world, you can find her sharing her talents on her weekly radio show, Infinite Energies on Inspired Choices Network

What if you always knew that your life could be more? 

What if you knew that there were infinite possibilities available with no limitations on whatever path you choose?

Lisa Benitz
The Space Whisperer


  • To change the way you interact with your space right now
  • Be a part of recalibrating the energetic vibration of the world
  • How to Change the World One Space At A Time™!